World’s Largest Free Fish Fry

The World’s Largest Free Fish Fry is a massive undertaking. Each year, local and state politicians take their turn helping serve the around 8,000 hungry festival-goers who stop by for a free lunch.

Each year around 3,000 pounds of catfish are fried for visitors at the Forest Festival Day as part of the World’s Largest Free Fish Fry.

Once again this year, a dedicated crew of cookers will be feed about 8,000 festival-goers massive quantities of baked beans coupled with 16,000 hush puppies.

“We are proud to be part of this tradition and invite you to join us for a free lunch,” Festival Board Member Dawn Taylor says.

“It’s no small task to feed 8000 people; we’re grateful for all those who help, in any and every way,” she said.

The event is held the day of the festival (Saturday, Oct. 25) at Forest Capital State Park. Serving begins at 12 noon following an invocation on the main stage.